Mpumalanga Province commemorates Mandela Month

In honour and celebration of Nelson Mandela Day, the members of Kamachekeza and Somuhle Mini Lib (Nkomazi Municipality) decided to spend 67 minutes of their time at Ithubalethu Old Age Centre in Mangweni (Mpumalanga). The event was filled with joy, laughter and singing. SALB, represented by the Project Coordinator, Ms Shobi Mudaka, was also invited to share and talk about the mini libs project and how the centre (elderly) can benefit from the mini libs project. Some of the mini libs members shared their journey and experiences as blind people. The elderly at the centre weave sleeping mats and sell them to make a leaving.In the pictures below we see some of the members being taught by the elders to weave sleeping mats on what is called “Imbongolo “/Embongolweni”