Message from the SALB Board Chairperson Xolisa Yekani

My re-appointment to serve on the SALB Board reaffirms my huge responsibility to continue influencing in the disability rights community, and I fully comprehend the mammoth task that comes with this enormous obligation.

Access to information and knowledge has never been more critical than in the present information age. This is why the SALB is standing up to its moral responsibility in ensuring an inclusive and equitable library and information service to the visually impaired. We do what we do to ensure that our members are included in social, political and economic activities in society.

We also would like to take this ample opportunity to convey a word of gratitude to all of our members for bearing with us through the challenges necessitated by our building upgrade process which is currently underway.

We fully understand that some services were partly affected as a result of this, but we are pleased to mention that the process is nearing to its finality and all our services will be fully restored.

Another big word of appreciation goes to management and staff for their meaningful contribution in implementing the mandate of the Library with commitment and dedication.

I wish to take this moment to thank all our staff and members for walking the journey of 2022 with us, although it was a difficult year. We remain committed to render quality services to our members and look forward to working together with you again next year in living out our mandate through every member. Let me wish you and your families a prosperous 2023.